Current Version: Alpha v1
Users can change the NAML code of their apps.

Next Version: Alpha v2
The versioning feature (explained below) will help users upgrade their apps when Nabble releases new changes to the NAML infrastructure.



Since users will be able to change the NAML code of their apps, Nabble must have a way to safely update its core (NAML and java classes) without breaking the user changes. The idea is to release new versions independently of the old versions and let users upgrade their custom code when they have time. Nabble will support a fixed number of versions and users will be forced to upgrade their code when they reach a version that is not supported anymore. For now, serious users should contact the Nabble premium support in order to maintain their changes up-to-date and not worry about core upgrades.


Users will be able to easily select designs and color schemes for their apps.

File upload for apps

Users will be able to upload files that will be used by their designs, like images, javascript libraries, etc. These files will be part of the NAML code of the Nabble app, which can be exported/imported to/from a ZIP file. The idea is that users can share designs with the community.